Is it ok to leave a tree stump in the ground?
Pests, unwanted growth, and disease are attracted to your stump as it rots in the ground. It is best to remove it as quickly as possible so it doesn't spread to the rest of your plants. When a stump is left behind, so are the roots. These roots continue to grow and can cause damage to your property.
Can I plant a tree on the old stump?
If you'd like to plant a tree in the place of your stump, you must give some room for the new growth. Plant a few feet away from where the stump was to make sure your new tree won’t become a stump!
How long do tree roots take to decompose?
Most roots will decompose completely after 5 years but a lot of factors can change that.
How far down does stump grinding go?
Our stump grinding machines penetrate several inches below the surface, destroying both the stump and its root system.
What happens if you don't remove tree stumps?
Stumps can attract invasive species and look like an eye sore in your yard. As the stump gets older, grass and moss will form, making it harder to spot. Stumps can become a safety hazard if not handled properly.
What can I do with stump grindings?
Stump grindings make great mulch for flower beds and new trees. Just make sure to use it at least a few feet away from where the stump was so your plant has proper nutrients.
Will the tree grow back after stump grinding?
After we grind your stump, there will be no growth from that area. All leftover roots in the ground will eventually rot away.
How long do stumps live for?
It varies depending on the species of the stump, as well as the environment; however, a large stump can take as long as 10 years to fully decompose. Grinding completely removes the stump in less than a day.
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